About M'z SPEED

Not manufactured effect, but the visual effect.

Late 20th century, when the automobile's performance had been improved, a change occurred among the motor freaks in the developed countries.
That was their intension of "driving" & "speed" had been changed to the emotional intension of "elegance" & "sense".
In 1990, M'z SPEED was born as the tuning brand with the new concept.
From the beginning, M'z SPEED is specialized of modifying, it's completely different from the manufactured cars.
With this new & admirable completed program, M'z SPEED make motor freaks satisfied.
M'z SPEED inspires the enchantment of OEM car body naturally & daringly with the high styling technique.
The premium design which is created for each model, the scarcity & the great presence, and your satisfaction to own is as superior as the small-volume production super cars.
Creation of the fascinating car style – M'z SPEED -. We have a commitment to the sustainability of visual effects.
M'z SPEED is such a remarkable and conspicuous Tuner.



Stylish Aero program which targets the wagon & SUV

“EXCLUSIVE ZEUS” modifies the popular compact cars, Hybrid cars, wagon (mini-van) & SUV with stylish design.
"EXCLUSIVE ZEUS" can make the special car only for you, which is incredibly changed from the mass-produced cars.
The evolved futuristic design is always cutting edge.
The media watching "EXCLUSIVE ZEUS" is the trendy aero program which can offer the drivers can be satisfied with the updated complete cars.
We have the half type bumper which can be mounted easily, & they are the series for each car model.
There is one more lineup of the bumper type for the big wagon (mini-van) .

About M'z SPEED
About M'z SPEED
About M'z SPEED
About M'z SPEED

Prussian Blue

Prussian Blue for Sedan & SUV

Aero Collection for the grown-up mature people

which targets the Sedan & SUV
The aero parts for the complete cars of the sedan as Lexus & Infiniti are line-up.
As the brand name of “Prussian Blue”, this is simple & dressy, and features elegant & strong presence.
We have 2 types of bumper, one is the half bumper type which shows the normal bumper more elegant, & other is full bumper type which performs the perfect togetherness.
"Prussian Blue" is the perennial design which applies to the grown-up mature people, and the greatest visual & quality proposes for every occasion.

About M'z SPEED
About M'z SPEED
About M'z SPEED
About M'z SPEED