Company Profile

Company Philosophy

M'z SPEED suggests the system of automobile purchasing.
Based on the concept of the creative , we are creating the most satisfied automobile for all people.

Company Profile

Company Name M'z SPEED
Address 〒578-0966 3-8-7 Mishima, Higashi-Osaka, Osaka Japan
PHONE +81-6-6748-2600
FAX +81-6-6748-2605
Founded August, 1968
Capital JPY30,000,000-
Representative Toru Matsumoto, President
E-MAIL office@mzspeed.co.jp

Business Activities

Automobile Sales Department
  • New Automobiles
  • Used Automobiles
  • Complete Automobiles
Automobile Buying Department
  • Senior Agent of Sompo Japan Insurance & Tokyo Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance
Service Department
  • Production of complete automobiles, Maintenance, Repair, Checking & Car Inspection
M'z SPEED Department
  • Aero Parts Department
  • Export & Import of Automobile accessories
  • Whole sale & retail of Automobile accessories
M'z SHOP Department
  • Production & Mounting of audio
  • Sales of Aluminum wheels
  • Production of Muffler
  • Sales of Tuning parts

Company History

1968 August Founded MATSUMOTO JIDOSHA in Neyagawa
Sales of tires & used automobiles
1990 February Established MATSUMOTO JIDOSHA CO., LTD.
1998 May Opening of “M'z SPEED” & “M'z SPEED Aero Parts” Department
Start production of the original complete automobile, & release with the brand “EXCLUSIVE ZEUS”
1999 December Opening website, start internet sales of the parts
2002 December Release “juno” brand wheel
2004 October Release “Prussian Blue” brand Aero Parts for sedan
2005 May Selected as TOYOTA Customized Brand, sale the Aero Parts of “M'z SPEED
Elegance 10 ALPHARD” in all Toyopet shops in Japan
2006 April Moving to Mishima, in Higashi-Osaka
2007 December Start dealing with Yahoo! Shopping
2009 Novemberr Opening M'z SPEED CHIBA (business partner with VIP AUTO)
2010 October Develop the complete model of reimported North American SUV


Company : T.A.K. Corporation

e-mail office@mzspeed.co.jp
Parts Department TEL +81-6-6748-2603
FAX +81-6-6748-2605

From Overseas

Company : T.A.K. Corporation

e-mail info@takcrp.com
TEL +81-6-6535-1177
FAX. +81-6-6535-1117

Company : Dainihon Tsusho, Ltd.

e-mail export1@dtl.co.jp
TEL +81-6-6941-5518
FAX. +81-6-6943-1585